without ropes

He asks why? Leaving all

Turning and walking toward an unknown past

Distance from the last

The big risk of what you have and know

Gone in a throw

The safety net, its holes growing bigger as it falls

Now just echoed, distant calls

Has it been worth it, the newness of surprise?

The new beginning.

For what do you strive?

I say I feel reborn

To a life which each day begins again

Where nothing is the same

No hardness of loss

A shedding,

a simulation of skin falling to dross

Pruned dead leaves from the strongest tree,

A rock shaved of moss

In this old and ancient place

Where mammoth wandered up Kings Cross apace

Where Roman bricks were baked on banks of Fleet

I shall not become a concrete street

We see an age built one upon t’other

Why would we press silt upon each other

To a spire on Churches burned down in fires

I’ll not let the soup dampen my desires

I’ll prune and loot and collect

Wake up. Find love. Protect.

It’s not what I’ve lost, it is what’s grown back

It’s stronger now, growing further toward a higher sky

A hive of energy, vital and alive

You my friend

Lose what is foreign to you

Leave the ropes your tied to

Find that which you dream about

Love that which you can’t do without

Be what you should imagine

And then you; life; can begin

And each day starts as it should,

Without sin