lightness of silence

The long echo of night as a siren chants into the light

breaking the sweat of a silence already longing for something to say

The heat subsides to bearable stillness enlivened by the sirens shrillness

a vacuum of air appears and chases what’s left of calmness away

Where once was a chance to stare at the moon singing a wondrous tune

the city reminds me that I’m a visitor stealing a moment to breathe

Waiting for the mind to escape then wrapping sound like a tape

round my ears to fill what I thought was free

And then it teases with a warmth again,

suddenly sane

where the moon is round and a full clear night is suddenly alone

where the traffic suddenly settles into a background graphic

Now locked away the air the only sound to imagine

A lightness of noise that fractures the city

breaking through in a burst of silent clarity