breathe in lower octave
passive gestures of beckoning calm

light slowly brightening
a subtle, flavoured balm

warmth washing over me
as nestled in my arms

a living breathing you
our souls safe from harm

eyes closed I see my fate
a soothing love that reached my heart

my life is you my love
my life now, finally starts


finally a poem

its where I feel I’m safe
i’m locked away

away from harm

it’s where I feel
I Am away
I’m out of life
I’m in a star
you never afar

It’s where I feel
up in the stars
In unreality,

in Mars

My life with you
a fantasy
a dream,

come reality

a place
a cloak
a warmth

my night
my day

my love
my life

it feels like fiction
it feels like my heart
has finally


A furrowed brow
A lifetime of stress
A lovers gaze
Eyes glowing

A mind living in today
A smile, a glow, cares far away

Deep seated minds in the past
Lips turned down, tears come fast

Faces showing the state of mind
Worn in darkness or light inside

An anger in the cheeks
Hollow and potted
Drawn from disappointment
Opportunities forgotten

Wrinkled eyes
from constant laughter
Squints of joy
there ever after

Opportunities never grasped
Eyes sad, downcast

Carefree joy in each gasp
A warmth of welcome is cast

Looking back
brings clouds across

A mind in the future
no rain, no moss

an expose of you
The first impression
when we ask ‘Who?’

The right choice

Hiding inside a loud bubble
A magnet of trouble

I see the prize I already had
That I gave away
Because it came as I grabbed

Didn’t realise it was a prize
But I passed it on to those that recognised

Outside that bubble with all its trouble
there is a price
That price, a lie

My call
to experience it all
and with that I live without a fall

So when before me a choice presents
I do not stress to see
Choice is all there will be

So never, say
I might

I only say
I was right

summers folly

A hot sticky night

I want for breeze tonight

Arms glistening with sweat of chores, skin alight

Trees swaying alone

in time

Birds celebrate the warmer clime

Sun sets in a pastel haze

Smog swaying in heats own glaze

I wish the heat away

And to my whimsy the smell of rain

forecasts this eve’ shall not stay

And signals the bugs its time to leave

And summers sky recedes

The patter of water tip-tapping away

Memories the same

The dance of rain

And once again

I wonder why I’m not careful

of what I wish for

as I miss the uncomfortable sweat I had before


I can’t say what you need to hear

In my ear

I fear

I have no tongue to steer

In my heart I believe

there are some words

But no

I speak

And nothing appears

Nothing heard

There are sounds that emerge



Not words of earth

I keep looking to understand

Where language fails

So I just take your hand