We meet, a look, attraction left unsaid
Attraction, no action, just yearning desire
You’re still there, unclear, you set a fire

Time moves on, our meeting behind me
Meet new loves, love, learn, and learn to yearn
An email, times are against us, not our turn.

More distance between us, discovering ourselves
We travel, in parallel, move closer away
Never remembering, not forgetting, nor remembering to say

Then heartbreak, emptiness, new relationship, old friend
Sad ending, sunset, mess, confusion, pain
A new start, no beginning but starting again

Head straight, life changed, goals exchanged
Then you, never gone, not here, now appear
You, a new familiar feeling unclear

Want to know you, understand you, meet you
Not an idea, not an ideal you, not a fantasy
Want you flawed, sad, beautiful, angry

But I was wrong, it was not you
A miss-step, a flaw in my own truth
It was not you, raw, misguided, aloof

I keep on walking and change again
Less summer now, just snow and rain
Actions not thought, I stop to walk

A bounce, a jump, no map
I wander through life without strife
But without an anchor, without a life

And certain through the hazy dark
She presents herself in Christmas lark
A real idea of fantasy, I can see
Is it she?