Probably me just being naive about what Poland has but if ever there was a place that needs a better marketing team, Poznan would be it.

This town place has one of the most beautiful town squares I have ever seen.

It has great cafe’s, bars and restaurants serving a real fusion of food. Any taste done well. museums and a pretty good art gallery, as well as a historical palace, wall and cathedral. It ticks the boxes.

Plus it is really cheap.

Poznan is a big student city with 1/4 of the population studying degrees. The night life matches with quite a few bars blaring away through the night.

The only thing with the place is its half arsed tourism effort. Go to the museums and half of the exhibits will have English descriptions whereas the rest won’t. Most menus are guess a dish in Polish and the railway station visitor centre was the only place I found someone who had some level of English fluency.

Sounding a bit arrogant? Ok this wouldn’t be an issue but given its put itself out there for international trade I found this surprising. English is the language of business. Ok Poznan is not on the tourist map but it has a world trade centre. So I am surprised the tourism comes up short in this area.

Other than that I loved the place. You can always muddle through not understanding the lingo and the fact that I could eat a three course meal, silver service for £15 was speky.

If you want to get somewhere before it takes off into tourist land, hit Poznan sooner rather than later.