So trucking on to Berlin. The first thing that comes to mind i  ‘I am a jam donut’. Apparently Kennedy said that when he made a speech in Berlin in the ’60’s so I was looking for cake when I arrived.

But before I got there I got on the wrong train. In Frankfurt when I bought my ticket I asked for the ICE and the little hunchback disabled cunt behind the desk gave me a regional ticket.

I found this out an hour into the journey and got nicely kicked off the fast train. After hanging around for a bit somewhere yocal I upgraded and got on the next train. Wanker. Next time I see a hunchback I’m going to be very mean.

Berlin rocks.

I got in pretty late but again there is a tourist centre in the station. I was given three really nice options and they rang and booked my choice for a fee of 3 euros. Bargain. They guy was a star, he gave me a railmap and directions and I was in the hotel (3 star, central near Alexander Platz) in 30 minutes.

I stayed in East Berlin in the Jewish part next to the gay part which all happens to be the nicest part of town i.e. the people with a lot of money.

First night I discovered a cafe restaurant called Hilde like something you would find in NZ. 70’s furniture and fusion food with a German twist on Italian flavours. That was dinner each night.

Next day I just walked around. Amazing what you see.


After the sightseeing I had a beer.

The nightlife in Berlin ranges from happy bars with good looking people to death metal head banging rockin’ bars. I decided on the latter for a quiet one or two.

The next day I did it all again. More sights, more food.

What I found interesting was the arms race left over from the cold war. They built a lot of shit. Each side thought they would show off how good life was on the other side through massive building projects. Judging by check point Charlie the west won on that score.

Now the Berlin Wall is marked by two rows of cobbles along the path it once trod. Potsdam Platz, with its early communist memorials has built over a lot of it. The death zone between the east and west has become a massive reinvention, rejoining the cities two very different sides

Then there is the 2nd world war. That third photo is the memorial to the Jews that were murdered by the Nazis. It is part of a constant national apology for WW2. While there is no doubt it was horrible, it does ignore history. Hitler would not have had the support he had; if the generation before hadn’t bankrupted Germany.

Germans now are nice, educated, cosmopolitan and pretty darn cool. Its time to move on. To start everyone should visit Berlin.