I’m just back from holiday where I went to Frankfurt, Berlin, Poznan, Gora and Wroclaw. I started in Frankfurt and I have to say, I’m sold. (I’ll write about the others later).

Frankfurt rocks. It’s a cosmopolitan, international city with great people, amazing parks, a cool river and some even cooler old stuff.

I arrived off the plane and moneyless hit my only hiccup along the way. Barclays switch card doesn’t work everywhere. You’ve got to guess a machine and hope for the best. Deutch Bank is not a good guess.

Luckily my NZ credit card did work so I’ll be sending some pounds back because of that. Otherwise I’d have been walking a long way to the city or alternatively chancing the train ticketless.

Sorting that out I found the on-time train and trucked into town. Immediately on arrival to the BIG rail station, the info centre appeared and I was welcomed in Englandish and helped to a room in a pension (cheap hotel).

It was only 30 Euros to stay pretty centrally. cheap because it was smack bang in the middle of the red light district. Oops. Oh well, at least I was given some interesting proposals on the street as I walked to the pension.

First thing was to eat

Frankfurt food

After which I tried to get to Heidleburg. I didn’t. Public hols next day meant all the trains were booked out the day before with early leavers. So I wandered for a bit and generally looked around.

Frankfurt is a very cool mixture of old

frankfurt opera house

and new

Frankfurt modern architecture

I really like the squiggly building amongst quite a few pretty cool other buildings.

Anyway that occupied most of my day outside of eating and drinking.

Next day I met up with Hannah (old flatmate from NZ) and went sight seeing and then out to see the night life.

Thanks to Hannah being a superb tourist guide I saw other cool stuff.

And went up a really tall building

After which we visited sights not often seen by the tourists.

After hitting a coffee chop in the ‘burbs in a typical cafe we had dinner in a traditional ale house. Set in a back garden on bench seats it had a waiter/owner who could remember every order without reference from a pad from 12 people at a time. It served the most amazing food which, when repeated, I still can’t believe I liked. Sauerkraut?

After this we met up with Hannahs freinds and hit the night life. Which I have to say was pretty cool.

Frankfurt rocks. I was surprised I liked it so much. It kicked off a pretty cool trip and was an eye opener on what Germany is really like and how Germans live. They don’t live up to the abrupt stereotypes. They may possibly be the warmest, nicest people I’ve ever met.

Especially the ones from Frankfurt.


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  1. Wow – sounds like you had a great trip. I, embarrassingly, have never been to Germany despite working for a German company for 4 years and having lots of German friends (who I love and who don’t, like you say, live up to their stereotype.) Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.
    Cheers Peregrine

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