just keep swimming

A lot can happen in a year.

In fact if I look at the last 15 years it started to creep in and then there is the last 4 years a hell.

A lot has happened.

Today happenings kept on.

In July 2006, I left a job I never thought I’d ever leave. I had a lot of friends there and loved the work. In the same month my dad died. The proceeding years saw a lot of change and a change in priorities. And divorce.

I have moved jobs a number of times as career has led me higher or to more challenges. All of them more positive than the last. Unfortunately, personally, I continue to see loved ones stuck by illness. Or love lost around me. Or by me.

I’m sick of seeing people die too young. Sick of one family member after another struck with cancer or some other disease. Sick of heartache. As my siblings and I inevitably seem to encounter.

Why is it that those with verve, with life, those that live life; the ones who face this shit? Is karma really that cruel.


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