Naughties or nasties?

Bye bye naughties you shit decade. I think this has to be the worst decade for a long time given what has happened. I’ll be happy to see the back of the naughties.

2000: Geaorge Bush ‘whacker’ steals an election thanks to his bro’. Concorde crashes.
2001: September 11 two planes take out the twin towers and most people in them.
2002: Bali bombs (1). US invade Afghanistan. The beltway snipers.
2003: Iraq invaded. Abu Graihb.Space Shuttle Columbia falls apart on re-entry.
2004: Beslan, Boxing Day earthquake.
2005: Hurricane Katrina. Paris Hilton. 7/7 London bombs. Kashmir earthquake. Bali Bombs (2).
2006: East Timor. Beaconsfield mine collapse in Tasmania.
2007: Housing market crash. Stock market crash. Bhutto assassinated
2008: Credit crisis. The markets and banking systems collapse with Lehmens.
2009: Recession. Bailed out bankers big finger the bailers. Flight 447. The great Pig Flu swin’e’dle.

Bye bye. Good riddance. Bring on the next ten they can only be better.