The Fall

Blue clouds rain down a cold green carpet of glass My feet crunching in slow high-pitched steps The clear chilled sky thunders with frigid air as my breath billows before my eyes   My blood thinned and purple it tries to circulate again My summer clothes thinning from the air   The first day of winter The Autumn a distant memory of golden warmth The cold again, new to my bones Unwelcome, but familiar   Startling, invigorating Humbling and instigating a common sense that was lost in summer laze   Winter wakes the senses of survival On realising my mortality I bow my head Viewing those that passed when the sun went down Golden, blanketing the ground aft’ the wind has taken them from their sustenance


lightness of silence

The long echo of night as a siren chants into the light

breaking the sweat of a silence already longing for something to say

The heat subsides to bearable stillness enlivened by the sirens shrillness

a vacuum of air appears and chases what’s left of calmness away

Where once was a chance to stare at the moon singing a wondrous tune

the city reminds me that I’m a visitor stealing a moment to breathe

Waiting for the mind to escape then wrapping sound like a tape

round my ears to fill what I thought was free

And then it teases with a warmth again,

suddenly sane

where the moon is round and a full clear night is suddenly alone

where the traffic suddenly settles into a background graphic

Now locked away the air the only sound to imagine

A lightness of noise that fractures the city

breaking through in a burst of silent clarity

Warmth at the end of the tunnel

A series of nothing but rhyme

Minutes of noise releasing time

No rhythm, no wine


A cold day of light

draining away

to a cold stew


freezing emotions as the wind blew


A pointless date named Sunday night

barren of purpose


once useful hours long disposable

rendered a vacuum by my memory you


As I anticipate the warmth

when you appear with a smile

a scent of you near

the minutes seem longer


until you break the time warp

with you


without ropes

He asks why? Leaving all

Turning and walking toward an unknown past

Distance from the last

The big risk of what you have and know

Gone in a throw

The safety net, its holes growing bigger as it falls

Now just echoed, distant calls

Has it been worth it, the newness of surprise?

The new beginning.

For what do you strive?

I say I feel reborn

To a life which each day begins again

Where nothing is the same

No hardness of loss

A shedding,

a simulation of skin falling to dross

Pruned dead leaves from the strongest tree,

A rock shaved of moss

In this old and ancient place

Where mammoth wandered up Kings Cross apace

Where Roman bricks were baked on banks of Fleet

I shall not become a concrete street

We see an age built one upon t’other

Why would we press silt upon each other

To a spire on Churches burned down in fires

I’ll not let the soup dampen my desires

I’ll prune and loot and collect

Wake up. Find love. Protect.

It’s not what I’ve lost, it is what’s grown back

It’s stronger now, growing further toward a higher sky

A hive of energy, vital and alive

You my friend

Lose what is foreign to you

Leave the ropes your tied to

Find that which you dream about

Love that which you can’t do without

Be what you should imagine

And then you; life; can begin

And each day starts as it should,

Without sin


The packaging seems overdone

A brown paper bag and you’ve already won

The orange hue around the rim

seems to be a bit posh, prim

The aroma, scent, hue of air

is nothing that would make me care

The long drawn taste at back of tongue

may only be a draw for some

I do like your deep red colour

but your not there to be wallpaper

Just don’t hurt my head the ‘morrow

I drink you not for sorrow

As papered press says your fine

To me you will always be wine

So be constant and there for me

And when I age I’ll be there for thee

I ask for no pretention of you

Just warn me next time I need a screw

concrete air

in the light of the disappointing searing sun
in the dark of bright shiny love
the billboards communicate what you need
and when you have it, it spills to seed
so paint a story and we’ll make it found
your belief in the work as visual sound
your look books, apps, content, heart
are our commercials, our art

don’t tell me you don’t like commercials, awards
more fawning, recognition, it illustrates, draws
you hate us advertising people I see
but you miss the art we’ve created to be
a way for you failed artists
to eat


When the movie is done
And the lights go out
The press goes out to tout
And your name is there for the scouts
And infamy is all you have
And while you feed off all the hate and life just feels like fate
And you are alone
Without a friend
Think of those who are lost of life
Their end
For you still have your opinion now
As lonely as you’ve sat right now
no one yearns for your return
Just theirs 
You are Alive
 but in life you are dead to us 
loss is for those who cared
And your opinion will be returned in kind